Bio-banking Partner

Clinnovo has strong focus on developing tools for personalized medicine. To support the ongoing research at Clinnovo in Genetics and Proteomics a scalable model for bio-specimen repositories has been developed. The primary focus is on building a regulated and compliant tissue management system with full clinical characterization for different disease types and control subjects. In addition to Clinical research, availability of high quality tissue is critical for translational research. We partner with the leading international agencies/organizations developing state of the art bio-sample repositories on a disease specific/national basis. Our current focus is on oncology specific tissue collections.

To ensure quality of the biological tissue and to support tracking we have developed a robust informatics framework. This framework supports integration of clinical phenotype, laboratory data and radiological information to fully characterize the specimens. Access to and authorization of research proposals for analysis of tissues stored at our biobank is reviewed by an Independent Ethics Review Board.

Turn-Key Solutions

For commercial/non-profit/institutional biobank implementations in India Clinnovo offers consulting services in a turn-key model.

Services offered include:

  • Regulatory Compliance, Ethical usage framework and External Audits

  • In-house sample processing and tissue analysis services

  • Laboratory informatics & IT infrastructure for data management

  • Development of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) for sample handling, supply chain management

  • In-house infrastructure development with customized platforms and economical pricing models

Tissue Acquisition Network (TAN)

Clinnovo maintains an extensive network of clinicians, laboratories and research facilities that can provide fully characterized and high-quality biospecimens. Members of TAN have established a fully-compliant supply chain and regulatory documentation framework to support quick integration to your biobank.