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  • Clinical research Training clinical data management Course with SAS and Imaging by Clinnovo
    Biomarker discovery, validation and diagnostic services at Clinnovo focus on early detection of chronic diseases, screening of drug toxicities, efficacy markers (for therapeutic response) and patient stratification. Clinnovo combines the geneomic and proteomic techniques for invitro and invivo biomarker discovery, validation and quantification. Clinnovo maintains an internal biomarker repository derived from experiments on disease samples, controls and environmental samples to accelerate the biomarker discovery process. By using high-throughput screening methods, multiplexing and computational models the process of establishing biomarker platforms is shortened and more cost-optimized. The biomarker division at Clinnovo was established in 2010, and provides specialized central laboratory and contract research services to pharma and diagnostic service providers. Current panel of biomarker assays are focused in the areas of cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis in humans and cardiovascular disease markers in preclinical studies.
    Biomarker Discovery
    Biomarker Validation
    Biomarker Testing
    Clinnovo offers immunoassays and Cytokine assays for testing wide range of biomarkers. In addition we also test for stability of the biomarker across different biological matricies. The bio-banking service at Clinnovo offers state-of-the-art sample management with robus tracking and LIMS integration for easy retrieval. Clinnovo also supports global biomarker studies with sample collection and shipping kits to ensure adequate transport conditions for samples used for biomarker testing.


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