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  • Clinical research Training clinical data management Course with SAS and Imaging by Clinnovo
    Genetics and Genomic research at Clinnovo focuses on application of advanced genetics in combination with systems biology tools in chronic disease research and exposome. The current portfolio of genetics research and services at Clinnovo include disease genetics, pharmacogenetics and exposomics. Using an integrated approach Clinnovo combines the genomics, metabonomics, transcriptomics and proteomics to unravel complex disease pathways in chronic diseases.
    Disease Genetics
    Several chronic diseases with adult onset are known to be caused by multiple genetic mutations in contrast to single gene mutations which are common in early onset genetic disorders. Clinnovo currently conducts genetic research in Alzheimer’s Disease and Dementia, Asthma, Cancer, Vision disorders, Cardiovascular Disease (mainly Sudden Cardiac Death), Diabetes, Osteoporosis and Stroke. Ongoing disease genetics studies at Clinnovo include subjects with high risk for genetics linked chronic disorders based on their family history and early on-set of disease symptoms. The biological samples collected from these subjects are managed with in the central biobanking facility at Clinnovo and GWAS studies are performed on this samples using the latest technology.
    The Pharmacogenetics research and testing services help in studying genetic factors and their influence on individuals response to a drug. Pharmacogenetics tests offer the unique possibility to offer more efficacious and less toxic medicines based on an individuals genetic profile (Personalized Medicine). Clinnovo partners with international organizations to build pharmacogenetics cohorts of individuals with different genetic mutations and control subjects to help in conducting Pharmacogenetics clinical studies. Currently Clinnovo offers toxicity testing for 5-Fluoro Uracil (5-FU), Irinotecan, Thiopurine, Abacavir. The portfolio of drug responsive testing currently offered includes Herceptin , Gleevec / Imatinib, Iressa / Gefitinib, different FLT3 Inhibitors (such as midostaurin, lestaurtinib, tandutinib etc.,) and beta2-agonists. Genetic testing offered at Clinnovo targeted on cytochromes and other drug metabolising enzymes includes CYP2D6, CYP2C19 , CYP2C9 etc.,
    Exposcomics research at Clinnovo is aimed at elucidating the role of environment in causation of chronic diseases and also the interaction between host genetics and environment. Ongoing exposomics research at Clinnovo is focused on developing environment libraries with biomaterial starting from prenatal life following into the various stages of adult life. Sample collection is done from 4-5 anatomical sites of human and animal subjects for evaluating the microbiome composition in health and in disease. These environmental specimens will be evaluated using novel metagenomics techniques such as 16S rRNA or shotgun sequencing. The outcome of the exposomics research at Clinnovo will be applied to environmental science (biohazard management, pollution control, biofuels), agriculture and for medicine.


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