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  • Clinical research Training clinical data management Course with SAS and Imaging by Clinnovo
    Center for Chronic & Infectious Diseases (CCID) at Clinnovo is part of the global Chromosome 19 proteomics consortium. The Chr 19 HPI consortium focuses on identifying proteins encoded by genes on Chromosome 19, changes of these proteins in disease states and finally development of quantitative diagnostic methods based on these proteins. Several work packages will be undertaken by the consortium partners such as data mining of existing repositories, proteotypic peptide libraries and development of MRM/SRM assays. Different biological matrices will be used to evaluate distribution of these proteins by each cell type or tissue. In addition the changes in proteins will be evaluated in a global collection of controls and disease states. CCID will be providing clinical samples from subjects with Type II Diabetes who have the complete clinical characterization to support proteomic evaluation. In addition the consortia members will develop antibody libraries to aid in rapid detection and quantification of these proteins. The long term objective of the proteomics consortium is to develop diagnostic utilities based on proteomic or peptidomic changes in disease states.
    For futher updates on Chromosome 19 Proteomics Consortium please visit Chromosome 19 proteomics consortium


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