Research Facilities


Clinnovo has state of the art laboratory facilities to support basic genetic research, genetic diagnostic tools, gene expression studies, genotyping, sequencing and related bioinformatics.

  • DNA/RNA extraction, purification and quantification from various biological samples.

  • Agarose gel electrophoreses and Gel documentation.

  • PCR, quantitative PCR and real time PCR.

  • Genotyping and genomic profiling

  • DNA/RNA sequencing and fragment analysis

  • Gene expression analysis

  • Bioinformatics tools to support the genetic analyses


Clinnovo's proteomics laboratory is fully equipped to perform all basic and advanced proteomics analyses including:

  • Isolation, purification and quantification of proteins from different biological samples.

  • 1D/2D gel electrophoresis, western blotting, staining and spot picking of protein from gel.

  • Mass spectroscopy: MALDI-TOF and MS/MS measurements.

  • Bioinformatics tools to support all the proteomic analyses.

Clinical Research

Clinnovo is serving as a Contract Research Organization and is supporting many national and international research projects by providing various clinical research services. Our team has the potential to design study protocols, site management, data management, data analyses and medical writing.


Invivo Imaging